Who is TLC?

TLC Companies, founded in 1985, specializes in providing comprehensive services tailored for the trucking industry, including payroll, taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation, and compliance support. As the sole Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the U.S. dedicated to this sector, they offer a unique co-employment model that allows trucking companies to retain full control over their business while alleviating administrative burdens. This partnership enables businesses to focus on growth and operational improvements, supported by TLC’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to keeping clients updated with safety standards and regulatory compliance.

What TLC Offers

TLC Companies offers a wide range of specialized services designed to support the trucking and transportation industry. Their offerings include managing payroll, workers’ compensation, driver onboarding, and training, as well as comprehensive compliance and risk management solutions. TLC is committed to streamlining operations for businesses in this sector, providing IRS-certified payroll services, enhancing employee benefits, ensuring compliance to prevent fines and losses, and implementing strategies for safety, risk mitigation, and driver retention. By partnering with TLC, companies can focus more on their core operations while saving time and money.

Help with Employee Misclassification

TLC Companies addresses the challenge of employee misclassification, particularly under the ABC test, by becoming the employer of record for drivers. This arrangement ensures compliance with the ABC classification requirements and other labor laws across states. TLC’s expertise offers peace of mind to transportation companies navigating the complexities of employment classification and regulatory compliance.